Please watch the video to hear what
a couple of our happy customers have to say!

“I wouldn’t spray with anything else!”

David Allen
Smith Land Company

It's a great investment, it pays in so many ways!

Ray Smith

“Two things, it’s exact. No system I've seen can come even close to the same level of accuracy. Which leads to second point, it’s stress free. Fully automatic calculations and mixing make loading the sprayer a dream. Push a button and it's done. I'll never mix manually again, ever!

Jason Kieser
Farmer and Tech Advisor

"I was not only impressed with the modular hardware design, but with the cloud-based architecture you built around it.

Praxidyn is raising the bar in this space, having built the connectivity needed to eliminate manual data entry and seamlessly be incorporated into a farmers overall operations." 

Joel Coppin
VP, Product Development, Conservis

More testimonials coming soon...