Mixmate Competitive Comparison

See How Mixmate Compares With
The Competition

Mixmate Flow and The Handler or Chembine

Many farmers are already using The Handler or a Chembine type of mixing system.  Mixmate Flow can be used with one of these types of systems to measure and record the bulk chemicals into the mix.  The knife system is preferred by some to process the jugs and is a very good option.  If you have large amounts of a dry product that does not dissolve well and it needs recirculation in a mixing tank to put it into solution, The Handler or a Chembine may be the best option for this purpose.  The Mixmate Inductor works very well with most dry flowables and AMS as well.

Compare Mixmate Flow with the JD Skiles Pit Stop and the BatchBoy

The JD Skiles Pit Stop and the BatchBoy systems use graduated cylinders to measure the chemicals by volume.  The accuracy should be very good on level ground.  The systems are very dependent on the operator to read the gauge correctly for accurate measurements.  They require the chemicals to essentially be pumped twice.  Once to fill the measuring cylinder and once to empty the measuring cylinder.  This can be slow especially for the BatchBoy since it only uses one measuring cylinder.

These systems are manually operated and any records must be kept manually.  These two systems are getting into the price range of a Mixmate Flow that has full automation of the chemical mixing from bulk tanks.  Full automation of the bulk chemical mixing allows you to process the jugs without distraction and mistakes.  The records are automatic for the bulk products and the manually added products can easily be recorded in the mixing record.

Compare Mixmate Flow with Summers Spray Fill Xpress

The big advantage of the Spray Fill Xpress is the fast loading time.  To be sure you can load fast, someone has to prepare the chemicals ahead of time.  Multiple tanks keep the chemicals separate until it is time to mix.  Some type of pump is required to move each bulk chemical into the holding tanks. 

The chemicals can be measured by weight but the scale is large and the resolution would be low.  If measuring by weight, only one chemical can be measured at a time.  This is where your helper comes in to prepare the load ahead of time.

The Mixmate App could be used to calculate the batch and output the weight of each chemical.  Each tank has a small flowmeter to measure the bulk chemicals.  The flowmeters could be calibrated from the scale which would be very convenient.  Multiple chemicals could be measured simultaneously by flowmeter.  Jugs are still manually processed. 

The price of the Spray Fill Xpress is at or above our Mixmate Fusion.

Compare Mixmate Flow with QuickDraw Lite and QuickDraw Max

The main feature that sets the QuickDraw Lite and the QuickDraw Max apart from the rest of the mixing systems is the mass flowmeter.  A mass flowmeter is very expensive and very accurate and in some respects it can be considered more accurate than a scale.  The mass flowmeter has an error rating of +/- 0.5%.  This is the same error rating of the flowmeters used in the Mixmate Flow System.  Most of the time several good quality flowmeters will cost less and have more speed since they can operate simultaneously.  A mass flowmeter will only measure one product at a time.

The basic QuickDraw Lite is a flowmeter with a display.  Electric valves can be added to give it automatic shutoff abilities.  There are no recordkeeping capabilities.  An equivalent Mixmate Flow system using multiple flowmeters with electric valves will cost less and have our full recordkeeping capabilities along with full automation.

The QuickDraw Max is the closest product to the Mixmate Flow because of its recordkeeping system.  The QuickDraw Max has a mass flowmeter for the chemicals and a magmeter and valve to measure and control the water.  The QuickDraw Max is the highest priced system in this comparison.  An equivalent Mixmate Flow configuration will cost far less and have a more powerful recordkeeping system. 

Our most versatile system with the Mixmate Fusion and Mixmate Flow Double Stack is in a similar price range and should be considered as well.  This is the best combination available to handle jugs, dry products, bulk products, and water.  The Mixmate system offers a complete solution from jugs to bulk and recordkeeping that is synchronized between the field to the cloud and the office.

Trailer Space

Several of the systems mentioned above take a significant amount of space on the trailer. 

Space is always a limiting factor on a trailer and Mixmate Flow requires a very small footprint.  Mixmate Flow can even be mounted below the trailer deck to free up work space.

Mixmate Compares Very Well

As you can see, Mixmate has options that compare very well with the competition.  The manual systems do not have recordkeeping and only the highest priced competitor has a basic recordkeeping system.  Our system is modular and it will grow with you no matter where you start. 

So why not start with Mixmate?  The chemical mixing system that has a future!