Forestry Chemical Mixing

When using helicopters for forestry spraying, it is important to load them in the vicinity of the spraying and not force them to fly many miles just to reload.

In this situation, having a portable and accurate chemical mixing solution is important for maintaining cost effectiveness.

Additionally, because the sprayer loads are specific to any given trees that are being treated, it is equally important to provide a fast and accurate chemical mix.

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The Mixmate from Praxidyn accomplishes these missions in a cost-effective manner. The Mixmate can be trucked to where the trees are being sprayed, and the digital accuracy it provides means you're putting the exact treatment right where you want it.

One agency we know is responsible for 4 million acres of forestry, all of which is sprayed with helicopters. The arrange for commercial applicators to do their spryaing and they use AgSync to manage their work orders.

AgSync is in the process of creating an API (Application Progamming Interface) to work with Praxidyn mixing systems.

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