Cost Benefits of Using a Mixmate

Portable or Stationary Ag Chemical Mixing

Mixmate is designed for a portable spray tender trailer or as a stationary chemical mixing system.  The Mixmate chemical inductor measures by weight and the Mixmate Flow uses an accurate flowmeter for measuring bulk products.  The combination of outstanding software and hardware features make Mixmate a unique product in the world today. 

True value comes when all systems work together seamlessly to eliminate lost data, accurately measure products, and provide a fast and easy-to-use farm chemical mixing system.  When a customer says "I enjoy using my Mixmate", it speaks volumes about their experience.

Mixmate simplifies the mixing process or completely automates chemical mixing with the bonus of automated records. Our Android app is easy to use and easy to learn. The operator only has to follow the prompts to complete the mixing and the records are automatic. Our data connections reduce errors, lower labor costs, and simplify the system for users in the office and the field.

With Mixmate’s modular design, you have a portable system for mobile mixing or a customized stationary system with increased efficiency for either system. Automated recordkeeping monitors product usage to ease management tasks.

Fast and Accurate Chemical Mixing

The fastest Mixmate chemical mixing systems feature a combination of an inductor and flowmeters.  Multiple measuring systems work simultaneously to speed the mixing process.  Flowmeters measure bulk products while jugs or dry products are measured in the inductor. 

Our customers report loading 1200 gallon sprayers in four or five minutes.  Five to seven ingredients are common in these mixes and it is not unusual to take twenty minutes without Mixmate.  Our flowmeters and scales are rated at +/- 0.5% error and come precalibrated.  Automation adds speed and accuracy while lowering stress.

Measuring by Weight

The Mixmate Inductors offer features that cannot be found in any other system at any price.  Our patent-pending jug processing is fast and accurate with no premeasuring of products.  The Mixmate Pro Inductor will control electric pumps and has up to six inputs for bulk chemicals.  The Mixmate Fusion features a new plastic inductor cone with a high flow rate rinsing system.  Dry flowables can also be measured and mixed through the inductor.  The inductor has a scale to accurately measure the products for you.

Measuring by Volume

The Mixmate Flow is our volumetric measuring system.  It is a great stand-alone system when you want to measure bulk products.  Electric pumps can be eliminated and multiple products can be mixed simultaneously.  Usually the chemicals are all mixed in 1 to 2 minutes for a large sprayer.  Compare Mixmate Flow with manual mixing systems that lack automated records and mixing.

Modular Design - Chemical Mixing Equipment With A Future

Tailor a mixing system just the way you like it. Mixmate modules connect to scales, flowmeters, valves, and pumps. Mixmate is designed to be portable and rugged.

Mixmate has options for measuring by weight and by volume.  Mixmate is modular so each system can be customized to your specific needs.  A system that is not modular can become obsolete quickly because it lacks the flexibility to adapt.  Operations grow and change and Mixmate is designed to grow with you.  The Mixmate software will not become obsolete either.  Software is constantly being developed to improve the system and to add new features.

Mixmate may be the easiest system on the farm to maintain since software updates come through the Android tablet.  The Android tablet also handles the updates to the embedded electronic modules in the system.  Just give the system permission to update and it does the rest.

The Mixmate App

Our software goes well beyond basic mixing.  We expect data at our fingertips on our mobile devices and in the office.  Mixmate was designed to be connected.  Records are automated to maximize field time and accuracy.  The software can be set up ahead of time with prescriptions and jobs.

When the operator is ready to mix, he can just select the job and confirm the batch size and settings.  A few button presses is all it takes to start a mix.  The Android ag chemical mixing app is optimized to make it fast and easy at mixing time.

The Intersect Cloud Service

Intersect is our cloud service connected to Mixmate.  Think of Intersect as the intersection between many systems to connect data between tablets in the field, your computer and mobile devices, and other data services.  Intersect is the easy way to access and manage one system or multiple Mixmate systems.

Intersect was designed for individual users and large multi-location operations.  Intersect synchronizes data between multiple Android devices and the office.  This is very useful for multiple users in a farming operation or for a commercial applicator.  API connections with other software systems are being developed.

Built for Farmers and Commercial Applicators on the Ground and in the Air

Farmers and commercial applicators can use the system in the field to support ground application equipment.  Aerial applicators need a portable chemical mixing system for helicopters in the field and airplanes may need a stationary mixing system at the airport.  The software supports small operations all the way to enterprise level organizations.  The cloud connection through Intersect supports third-party software systems.

Mixmate brings value in many ways.  We all must do more with less manpower.  Fast fill times keep expensive farm chemical sprayers rolling and aerial applicators in the air with less stress on the operators.  Automatic data collection reduces recordkeeping time in the field and the office while improving accuracy.  Return on investment can be less than a year through efficiency, accuracy, and cost reductions.

Field Efficiency

Spraying operations are key to effective crop protection.  Timeliness is critical.  Field efficiency is key to the overall cost of operation.  A larger sprayer will not add much field efficiency compared to faster loading times.  What if you saved 10 to 20 minutes on every fill?  Take a chemical mixing trailer to the sprayer to reduce travel time.  Fast chemical loading is the best way to lower sprayer operating cost.

That is what Mixmate does for you - saves you time and increases your productivity.  And we all know how important it is to get your spraying completed in a timely manner.  Mixmate is the first system designed for the farm with data integration and portability.  No other system offers the features and flexibility of Mixmate.

Office Efficiency

Mixing speed is only half of the equation.  Data needs to be captured automatically during mixing operations.  It takes time to log the mixing records in the field.  Quite often the accuracy is not good.  There are two aspects of the records:  How accurate are the measuring systems; and, if the measurements are entered manually, does the operator accurately record the measurements?

Time is lost whenever records are not accurate.  More time is required to find the mistakes than was originally spent when manually recording.  Reentering data, double-checking records, and correcting mistakes are all a drain on office efficiency.  The Mixmate App and Intersect are designed to work together to automatically capture accurate data and return the data to the office with minimal user interaction.

Field to Fork Tracking

Mixmate is a foundational product for information systems and food security.  Precision ag systems do a very good job of logging as-applied data.  This data is disconnected from accounting and inventory systems.  Mixmate fills this gap to measure and collect product data as it is used.  Our processes to reconcile measurements from blending make it easy to get accounting quality data from field operations.

Crop protection products are tracked very well from the manufacturer to the dealer, but systems to track products to the field level were missing.  Mixmate tracks products used in field application equipment without additional work from busy operators who are prone to error while in the rush to get field operations completed.

Positioned for Innovation

Mixmate is positioned very well to utilize future innovations.  Standard data formats and methods for transferring electronic records from suppliers to growers and growers to the consumer are under development.

We continue to work with industry leaders through AgGateway to develop the standard systems to identify products used on the farm and to generate the information about food produced for the consumer.  All of these things lead to better food security and a better product for the consumer.

Mixmate and Intersect are the foundations we will build upon.  The electronics are designed to be modular.  This is a major feature that gives our systems flexibility.  Anywhere a scale or flowmeter is involved, data is generated and we want to collect the data for you automatically. 

The flexibility of the hardware is paired with flexibility in the software.  Systems can be as simple as data logging from a scale or flowmeter.  We believe data should be collected automatically as you work and be available at your fingertips on your smartphone or in the office.  The Mixmate farm chemical mixing app and the Mixmate chemical loading system is the best solution for your spray tender trailer.