Mixmate Inductor

The Mixmate Inductor is our most versatile system. The inductor measures bulk liquid, dry, and from jug-type containers by weight. The Inductor does the measuring for you and has outstanding features for jug processing.

The Mixmate Flow can be added to an Inductor system for even more speed and convenience. read details »

Mixmate Flow

Mixmate Flow is our volumetric-based chemical mixing system. It is a low-cost way to get started with automated mixing. Compare Mixmate Flow with other manual and automated systems on the market and you will find a combination of features that are not available with any other system. We think automated recordkeeping and our competitive price will tip the balance in favor of Mixmate Flow. read details »

Mixmate App

The Mixmate Android app goes well beyond basic mixing and recordkeeping. The free app is fully functional with or without the Mixmate hardware. Data is securely backed up to the cloud. The app controls the Mixmate equipment and connects to the Intersect Cloud Service.read details »

Intersect Cloud Service

The Intersect Cloud Service is the connection from the Mixmate app in the field to the office. The data is synchronized between Intersect and the Mixmate App when a data connection is available. Intersect provides a convenient way to manage the Mixmate systems in the field. Reporting and job creation are the primary functions of Intersect.read details »