Ag Sprayer Efficiency Newsletter

Mixing dry products and from jugs is easy with Mixmate.

The video shows how Mixmate Fusion processes jugs and dry products efficiently.  It is easy to improve sprayer productivity by improving mixing speeds. The cost of operating a sprayer is significant and we want to help you get the most from your equipment.

The size of a sprayer is usually a major factor when purchasing a new sprayer.  The larger sprayers are more productive and a balance must be found between the sprayer investment and the amount of work to be done.  

The price difference of 100 acres per hour of productivity is shocking when comparing a 1200 gallon sprayer loading in 15 minutes and an 800 gallon sprayer loading in 5 minutes.  The price of the 1200 gallon sprayer is 32% higher and costs $93,000 more.

Many operations will purchase a large sprayer and do not consider loading time efficiencies that cost a fraction of the difference.  The lowest cost way to improve productivity is to reduce loading time.

Pro Tips:  Pumps

What pumps work the best?  Honda engines are by far the preferred engine for most operators for reliability and easy starting. 

Many operators are going to the wet seal pumps.  The wet seal pumps cost more and if you have not had seal problems why spend the extra money.  The John Blue pumps are a high-quality wet seal pump but we have noticed they do not prime easily.  A small air bubble will stop these pumps and system performance goes down. 

The Mixmate inductor has an empty weight setting that can be adjusted to help prevent air from entering the pump.  We have many hours on the basic plastic Banjo pumps and have had good success.  We would welcome comments about other pumps and will share them with the group.

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