Benefits of Mixmate & Intersect

You'll receive numerous benefits when you implement a Mixmate and Intersect solution.

Productivity will be improved because you can keep expensive machines up and rolling. For aerial delivery applications, you can mix and load right in the filed, saving time and costs from flying back to a central mixing plant.

You'll receive direct savings by reducing lost inventory.

Inventories disappear in many different places. Errors in records, wrong measurements, errors in calculations, forgot to write down actual product used. Sometimes the equipment is accurate but the user is inaccurate.

For example: a system calls for 2 gallons of product but the user manually controls the valves and he gets 2.05 gallons.

The user thinks that this is close enough and in reality it is. The error is 2.5%.

This error is small and it does not make a difference for the effectiveness in the field but it does add up at the end of the year. This might amount to a $50,000 loss of inventory because the 2.05 gallons was not recorded.

It was assumed to be the 2.00 gallons as prescribed.